First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I have had many personal sites over the years, but I finally was able to get up enough nerve to register a domain and fork out some money each month for it to be hosted. This portion of the site is to give a little background history about me and what I enjoy doing.

My real name is Josh. On the internet, in games, and in music, I am known as CyberManX. Its a handle a picked up in the early 1990's when I started in computers from my love of video games. At the time and still today, computers have always been the breaking ground for new technology in graphics and playability of video games. Some of my first and all time favorite video games were and still are, Command & Conquer, Star Wars: Tie Fighter, and various others.

Music is another love of mine. When I first started out on the internet I created one of the very first archives of quality MODs, S3Ms, XMs, etc. In 1993, I started CyberManX's Musical Reality. It was one of the first site's (if not the very first) to put MODs, S3Ms, XMs, etc. in tables, give descriptions, time length, # of channels, and so on. The popularity of this grew and soon many other startup sites began to follow suit. CyberManX's Musical Reality was very well received by those interested in the music and soon had over 4,000 unique visitors in 3 months.

After a couple years, I redesigned the site and called it CyberManX's Reality. As the archive and site grew I began hosting it on my home PC as I had a cable connection. A couple years passed and the site had many regular visitors. About halfway into 1998, <a href="http://kbm.webfarm.net.uk/mattshome/">Matt Philpott</a> begin mirroring the site to help out since I could not provide a 24/7 website all the time. Then in late 1998, I pretty much abandoned the site as I moved and had no choice but to use a dialup connection.

Some more years passed and I wanted to once again to have my own website. In 2002, I purchased the domain of www.cybermanx.com. Ever since then, it has been my home. Even though my site was being hosted and so forth, I barely even did much to it through 2002 and 2003. Finally in early 2004, I decided to start back working on my website to share my interests (as that's what a website is really all about).

However, due to family, work, and school that didn't go to well. Now that I am almost done with school and have a little more time to spare, I figure I'll try and get back into it again.