• After ten years, I finally finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. It feels good to finally be done with it. I came close a couple times before, but ended up not being able to follow through with the one or two classes at the time due to family and work. Anyway, its […]

  • Its been almost a year and figure its about time to update again. Procrastination, is after all, one of those things I excel at on a regular basis. Its all meaningless (Ecclesiastes) after all anyway right? =P The kids have been doing great and growing up nicely. Garrett is getting bigger each day and won’t be long […]

  • Yea…so it has been awhile since I last updated but then again I doubt anyone notices. Ultimately this is for me to reflect on when I’m older (and others if interested) so hopefully I’m a little more motivated in the future with it. Anyway, we’ve recently had another edition to our family, Garrett Joshua. This ends […]

  • The days have been going by pretty fast lately and the holidays are quickly approaching. I suppose I look forward to the holidays more so due to the weather change than anything I think. This year we’re going to start our own family traditions and not really go anywhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bethany is reaching […]

  • Well, I’ve been pretty busy lately with working overtime and spending time with the family. Over the past few months a lot has happened, but nothing to the effect of life changing proportions. Anyway, I’ll sum up things up more or less for historical retrospect for myself. During April…well now that I come to think of […]

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